Ways To Recognize Fake Eggs

Ways To Recognize Fake Eggs

In this world of adulteration all around, eggs are now adulterated. At first it seemed like a rumor about artificial eggs, but now it is real. Fake eggs have been found in many neighboring countries including Bangladesh. India is making a fuss over chemical plastic eggs. Artificial eggs are being smuggled from China across the border into various parts of the country, including the Chinese capital, Yangon. And these eggs are coming to different countries of Asia including Bangladesh. Which looks exactly like a duck chicken egg. People mistakenly think artificial eggs are real eggs. In a word, these artificial or fake eggs are poisonous.

According to a report on artificial eggs in the science journal The Internet Journal of Toxicology, these eggs have no nutritional value and no protein. The chemical ingredients used in making these artificial or fake eggs are calcium carbonate, starch, resin, gelatin. Which is very harmful for human body. Eating these fake eggs for a long time can cause problems in the nervous system and kidneys. Calcium carbide in fake eggs causes complex diseases, including lung cancer.

It is important to keep fake eggs in order to protect yourself and your family. How to recognize fake eggs? Find out:

  1. The size of the artificial egg is slightly larger than the real egg.
  2. These eggs are more shiny than ordinary eggs.
  3. Shaking an egg sounds like rolling water.
  4. After breaking the egg, the white part and the yolk become one.
  5. After breaking, the yolk does not stay in one place like a real egg and spreads around.
  6. Fake eggs are relatively elongated in shape compared to other eggs
  7. When this egg is boiled, the yolk becomes colorless.
  8. Its shell is harder. Inside the shell are rubber-like lines.
  9. Its shells are very smooth. Dot spots are often seen on the shell.
  10. After cooking, these eggs often have a bad smell. Or odorless. The real kusum smell is not found.
  11. If you put a fake egg with a strong-smelling object, the smell will enter the egg. You will continue to get that smell from the eggs even after cooking.
  12. When the real egg is broken, there is a squeaking sound. But plastic eggs do not make much noise.
  13. The yolk of the fake egg is surrounded by a chemical screen.

If a fake egg is broken, ants or insects will not come.

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