Orchard On The Roof Of The House

Orchard On The Roof Of The House

The places of cultivation are getting smaller day by day. It is difficult to find a place where people can plant trees. So there is no substitute for a roof for urban people to garden as a hobby or to meet the needs of their own family. However, if you have the desire and love for the tree, you can use the roof space to fulfill the hobby of the garden. Along with growing vegetables on the roof, fruits can also be grown. But gardening on the roof and on the ground is not the same thing. Any gardening on the roof requires a little special care. You need to know the method of planting trees on the roof, selection of good varieties of trees suitable for roof gardening and other care issues. This feature is all about this.

Roof Orchard Method

Where and how to plant that tree will depend on what tree to plant. Keep in mind that the larger the size of the tree to be planted, the larger the size of the planting pot/drum/tub. I don’t see the method

Tub method: This is considered to be the easiest method as it can be easily moved from one place to another. However, the size of the tub for fruit trees will not be very good. Fruit trees can be planted in large tubs. In that case, large tubs made of cement can be used. An adequate amount of organic manure should be used for tub cultivation. For a tub of size 16 inches to 18 inches, organic manure, as well as 100 g TSP and 50 g MOP fertilizer, should be well mixed and left for 10 to 12 days. Then the tub needs to be filled.

Half-drum method: At present most of people grow orchards on the roof in the half-drum method. A hole should be made in the bottom of the half-drum. Pieces of brick should be placed in the holes; The top of the drum should be covered with the first 1 inch of cob or sorghum and the top with an inch of organic manure or decomposed dung. This allows excess water to drain out easily. In addition to organic manure, 200 g TSP, 100 g MOP can be used in each drum. Remember, vegetables, even small tubs or pots for flowers. But in the case of fruit, the bigger the pot/drum, the better.

Permanent bed method: Permanent bed method is a modern method. Before gardening on the roof, the roof should be specially finished with net welding. For gardening with a permanent bed method, 1.5 feet high walls on both sides of the roof 2 feet wide with 3-inch masonry net finishing molds are formed. After giving dung manure, the remaining part is filled with a mixture of 2 parts soil and 1 part dung to make a permanent bed. Excess water, fertilizer should be kept in a proper way.

Besides, trees can also be planted in the tank system as permanent beds. That is why the tank bed method is made by casting a net finish of 3 feet long, 2 feet wide and 1.5 feet high 3-inch masonry on 4 pillars one foot high on the roof.

What Trees To Plant On The Roof

When gardening on the roof, it is important to make sure that the tree is not large. Hybrid varieties or pen trees can be planted in small size trees to get more fruits. The fast-growing and fruit-bearing tree of the short species is the best for roof garden.

When seedlings, not seedlings, are planted, very fast results are obtained. Different hybrids of mango or pen varieties like Amrapali and Mallika varieties of Mango, Apple Cool, Guava, Lemon, Papaya, Olive, Mango, Karamcha, Sharifa, Ata, Pomegranate, even banana can be planted.

Trees should be collected from trusted nurseries who have acquaintances. Nowadays, various fruit pens, eye pens, and even pens are available. Pomegranate Olive, Sweet Olive of Thailand, Pomegranate Sharifa, Pomegranate Kadbel, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Baukul, Apelkul, Coconut Pumpkin, Litchi, Thai Red Jamrul, Green Drop Jamrul, Apple Jamrul, Grape Guava, Thai Guava, Fruit, Kamranga of the pen, and even Coral of the Kerala Drof species can be cultivated.

Proper quality seedlings bear fruit within a year. Nowadays some high-quality seedlings are coming to the country from abroad. You can collect and plant these to meet the needs of the roof garden.

Rules For Planting Trees

Seedlings / grafts should be planted very carefully in tubs / pots / drums / permanent beds. It should be planted just below the ground in the middle. Care should be taken to ensure that the soil ball attached to the seedling or pen does not break. In the case of seedlings or cuttings, it should be planted on the roof as much as it was below or equal to the soil.

Roof Orchard Care

Since it is produced in a limited space in a limited size, additional care services have to be ensured and care has to be taken in various services. Caution is especially important when applying fertilizers. Because if the fertilizer is less, if it sticks to the tree, the tree will die, if not the amount, it will suffer from malnutrition.

Irrigation Drainage Irrigation is an important issue. Because plants can be easily removed due to soil moisture, trees can also be removed due to excessive water or water moisture. So you must be constantly aware of irrigation in the roof garden.

At least once a year the old soil should be replaced with new soil with organic manure. Nowadays tub soil is available to buy in the market. You have to buy quality soil and fill it in tubs/drums.

Chad’s garden needs to follow cleaning activities every day. That is why old diseased, old stalks, leaves should be carefully cut and deposited in a certain place. This will keep the plants disease-free and will benefit the yield.

In the weather of our country, insects or diseases always attack as a result

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