Men’s Skin And Hair Care – Some Simple Tips

Mens Skin

In addition to the body structure of men and women, their skin and hair types are also different. Men’s skin and hair need more care because they are rougher than women. Once indifferent to their own appearance, but now that day has changed a lot. Nowadays boys are also more or less aware of their appearance. So beauty is no longer just a matter of women. But in a busy life, many men can’t find this time for themselves, many people can’t practice beauty even if they want to because they don’t know the right way. Let’s know some simple tips for taking care of men’s skin and hair, which if applied will reveal your natural beauty.

Effective tips for men’s skin care

1) Use good company products for shaving. It will not damage the skin.

2) Use a good company face wash every day to clean your face.

3) When you go out, you can keep packaged wet tissue with you. Wiping the face with wet tissue will keep the face clean as it will make you feel alive.

4) To remove the ink from the eyes, cut the cucumber and apply it on the eyes for twenty minutes.

5) To get rid of sunburn on the skin, apply tomato seed paste or tomato juice. When it is dry, wash it. Sunburn will not exist at all.

7) Oily skin is more prone to acne, to get rid of this, put sandalwood paste on the acne every day. Will benefit.

6) Rub the lemon well to remove the black feeling of the elbow.

6) When the rash comes out on the face, paste arahar dal bata and apply it on the rash. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash it off. Do this regularly.

9) To get rid of pigmentation or black spots on the face, apply green paste, potato juice, cucumber juice, glycerin on the spots one after the other.

10) To maintain the appearance of the skin, apply besan paste, honey and milk on the skin of the face. This will remove the wrinkles of the skin. As well as the elegance of the look will become.

Men’s hair care

1) Mix henna and eggs and apply at least once a week. The brightness of the hair will increase.

2) Massage oil into hair before shampooing. Mix amla bata, almond bata and vinegar with oil.

3) Apply hair conditioner after shampooing.

4) It is better not to color the hair. This is because coloring the hair can cause hair loss. The hair may become rough.

5) Regular hair combing will reduce the chances of dandruff.

6) Clean the hair regularly. Because dandruff is more on unclean hair.

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6) Use a good shampoo of the brand incompatible with the hair.

7) Mix mango juice with onion juice to grow new hair. Massage well on the scalp, leave it for an hour and shampoo it.

9) For hair nutrition, watery foods, water, fruits, vegetables, etc. should be eaten more regularly. This will not only make the hair shiny and beautiful, it will also stop hair loss.

10) To remove blisters or itching on the scalp, wash the head with water soaked in neem leaves once a week.

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