Japanese Diet Chart – Eating Habits To Achieve Longevity

Japanese Diet Chart

Think about which country’s people live longer? Surely you remember the name Japan, don’t you? The reason Japanese people live longer in the world is because of the hard working life of the Japanese and the orderly eating habits. They are accustomed to a moderate diet as well as being physically active. The Japanese are very successful as a nation and the first of the many reasons for this is the rule of Tantric life. You don’t see a lot of obese people in Japan, does that mean they’re all dieting? In fact, their daily diet is to eat a small amount of food rich in nutrients. And they do a lot of things in their daily routine so that they don’t have to exercise differently anymore. For example, they cover short distances on foot, preferring bicycles to motorized vehicles. These habits help to keep them physically healthy.

We all think that the traditional idea of ​​diet is to lose fat without eating which is a very wrong idea. If you really want to lose weight and fat, then you need to eat moderately nutritious food and exercise. Below are some of the common foods on the Japanese diet list from which you can understand very well why the Japanese all have longevity and good health.

Some common Japanese food

Japanese like us also love to eat rice. Rice is a regular food of the Japanese. However, they usually prefer to eat brown rice.
Rich in magnesium which helps keep the heart healthy. This brown rice is especially effective in preventing cancer and diabetes, controlling blood cholesterol, providing proper protein and carbohydrates to the body and providing the necessary energy.


Although the Japanese eat very little processed food, noodles are a very common food on the Japanese diet. The Japanese usually eat low carbohydrate rich noodles made from healthy wheat.


In general, all kinds of fruits help to maintain the original body and health. But the Fuji apple is the favorite fruit of the Japanese. They like to eat a special type of orange called persimmon and mandarin in their region which is unique in taste.


Fish availability varies from region to region. However, the favorite fish of the Japanese are mackerel and salmon. These fish are more prevalent in their diet because they contain a lot of iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A, D, C, B-6, B-12 and almost no fat.


The Japanese like to eat almost all kinds of vegetables, especially eggplant, beans, mushrooms, cabbage, sweet pumpkin, potatoes, young berries, radishes, carrots and various seaweeds. In addition, they eat tofu made from soy milk which is rich in many healthy and antioxidants.

Along with all of the above diet foods, tea is the most important drink of the Japanese all the time and it is of course green tea which is rich in low levels of caffeine and high levels of two anti-oxidants called polyphenols and flavonoids.

Diet list of Japanese food

There are many differences in the diet of Japanese people with our country such as they eat raw fish which is not possible for us to eat and it is completely opposite to our eating habits. Another problem is that they eat a lot of food which is difficult to get in our country. However, with the combination of nutrients, we can easily create our food list with their diet, which will help us to provide good health and longevity to our body like the Japanese. Below is a list of three daily Japanese diet foods and some of the foods that cannot be included in our diet list are presented with matching nutrients.


Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. They prefer breakfast every morning. They usually drink miso soup, a mandarin and a cup of green tea in the morning. Especially they eat miso soup in the morning because it is low fat. Here you can eat three red flour breads with vegetables.


The Japanese eat a bowl of sushi soy sauce at noon which is made with raw fish. With a bowl of noodles with mushrooms and an apache. And a cup of green tea in the morning. Mushrooms are now readily available in our country and are very tasty, but we can eat a little rice with a piece of fish instead of sushi.


The Japanese dinner menu consists of a bowl of rice, an orange and sasimi, a traditional Japanese dish made with a variety of fish. And they like to drink a cup of green tea after every meal. It is noteworthy here that the Japanese also like fish a lot like us. We can effortlessly use fish curry instead of sasimi for dinner on the Japanese diet menu.

After reviewing all the above, it is clear that in order to be healthy, one needs to eat a moderate amount of nutritious food and lead a regular life. For us, imitating the Japanese diet is not to maintain good health or lose weight without eating, but to eat a small amount of nutritious food and make changes in lifestyle to gain longevity like them. And we also need to imitate their way of life, such as mastering their daily habits. Walking, cycling, meditating and shortening according to the rules.

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