Indoor Plants – House Decorating Plants That Survive With Less Care

Indoor Plants

In this civic life you are a very Busy person, you don’t have time to take care of indoor plants! Due to lack of time to take care of your hobby home decor trees have become faded. But you need an easy-to-care indoor plant that will stay alive even with less care. Yes, there are some plants that you can choose to enhance the decoration of the house that can be taken care of very easily in a short time and stay alive all the time even with careless neglect. Here we will present to you 5 indoor plants that will take very little of your busy time to take care of it.

GG Plant

The dark green leaves of Gigi plant will bring you a unique serenity in an instant. It is such a hard-tolerant tree which is said to be the lifeblood of a fish. Needless to say, there is no problem in sustaining its life. This tree, which enhances the decoration of the house in adverse environment, grows easily by adapting. This plant does not need much water, but if the soil in the tub is too dry, it can be watered with a little water. This tree is good even in very low light so it can be placed anywhere inside the house. And its beneficial properties like keeping the indoor air pollution free and keeping it free from the effects of allergies have increased its acceptability a lot.

Snake Plant

Snake plants with long leaves like fruits look a lot like other deciduous trees. People may call it a snake plant because the leaves of the tree are shaped like a snake. But it has another funny name, many outside the country call it Mother in Loss Tang (whose Bengali synonym is mother-in-law’s tongue). It keeps the air pollution free and adapts very easily to light dark mixed environments. It takes very little water to sustain its life. Only when the soil is very dry, it is necessary to give a little water and it is better not to water the tree directly.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera trees with beautiful and medicinal properties are very popular to decorate the house. One of its many medicinal properties is that the sticky juice of raw leaves is applied on the burnt area to reduce the burning pain very quickly. For proper growth of aloe vera, it needs to be kept in a well lit place and it is sufficient to water it once every two weeks. You can put this tree tub in your bedroom, by the window or on the balcony.


This is a very nice tree that is easily cultivable for your home decoration and even if you take very little care of this kind of tree, there is no harm to the tree. Its various shapes of dark green leaves enhance the beauty of the aesthetically pleasing ropes. There are many species of philodendron trees that can be planted in hanging baskets or tubs. It will create a beautiful environment by wrapping itself effortlessly on your window grill or any other solid pillar.

Jadi Plant

It is a very popular indoor plant which is known as a symbol of friendship and good luck. Many people also call this jadi plant as money tree. Its leaves are very beautiful to look at and especially its small white and pink flowers enhance the appearance of this tree many times over. You do not need to water your Jadi plant every day. If the soil dries out too much, just soak the soil with a little water. However, it should be watered once a week in summer and once in two weeks in winter. Place the tub of Jadi plant in a place where there is enough light in the house, near the window or on the veranda, this tree will get a very favorable environment.

Hopefully these simple caring indoor plants will help you a lot in decorating the house as you can cultivate easily and with less care in your short leisure time of busy life. And as you decorate the house, these trees will keep the air in your house pollution free and clean.

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