Gourd Cultivation In Tubs Or Drums On The Roof

Gourd Cultivation

The gourd is one of the winter vegetables in our country. Just as the gourd is very tasty as a vegetable, gourd leaves are also very delicious as a vegetable. There are different species of gourds in our country. Due to the variety of species, its shape and color are different. However, at present, some high yielding varieties are cultivated and this vegetable is available in the market almost all the year-round. You can grow pumpkins in your roof tub or drum if you want. In this way, you can get fresh vegetables for your family as well as you can earn extra if the yield is high. If you want to harvest pumpkins in advance, now is the right time to plant pumpkin seedlings in drums or tubs.

Choosing the best variety

You will get a good crop by choosing a good variety, so choose a variety of pumpkin with a little thought. At present Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute has developed a variety of high-yielding gourd called Bari gourd-1. The advantage of this is that it can be cultivated all year round. Moreover, if you want, you can cultivate hybrid Lou Martina, Jupiter, Jamuna, Kaberi, and Padma.

Fertilizer and soil preparation

If the soil is soft and loses all the time for the seedbed of vegetables, the tree grows fast so the soil should be loose, light, and water-retaining. It will be easier to protect the seedlings from diseases if the soil has to be disinfected by sifting through various weeds. Organic rich loam, clay loam soil is good for gourd cultivation. The seedbed soil has to be prepared by mixing two parts organic manure with two parts two-fiber soil. Good fertilizers for lau are TSP, MP, gypsum and borax fertilizers and you can apply as dung and fertilizer.

Made seedlings from seeds

If you want to make good seedlings, it is better to sow the seeds in small poly bags. Soak the seeds in water for at least 12 hours before sowing the seeds. Then the soil mixed with manure should be filled in a poly bag and two seeds should be sown twice as deep as the soil and watered every morning and afternoon.

Planting seedlings in tubs or drums

After germination of seedlings from gourd seeds, 16-18 day old seedlings are suitable for planting in tubs or drums. In case of gourd cultivation in roof tub or drum, each seedling should be taken out of poly bag and planted in tub or drum. It is best if separate tubs or drums can be arranged for each seedling. Place the tubs or drums at a certain distance and keep them in intensive care. The yield of lau is higher in macha so if macha is made in a good way more yield can be expected.

Caring for gourd trees

Pumpkin plants need a lot of water so they need to be watered every morning and afternoon to ensure adequate food supply. You will get special benefits by giving water to wash the fish and meat in your house every day. Keep in mind that over-watering of gourds in tubs or drums will disrupt the yield and the fruit will fall off in a small condition. In addition, a little more water is required to cultivate gourds in tubs or drums. Also keep the drum weeds clean, collect the leaves of the gourd at least a few times a month and always provide adequate sunlight and air to the gourd tree so that the yield will be better. To ensure proper care of the plant, apply water hyacinth and various organic fertilizers at the base of the plant, including regular urea. However, in this case, the fertilizer must be mixed with the soil 6 inches away from the base of the tree

Strategies to control harmful insects and increase yield

In general, all types of crops and vegetables are at risk of being attacked by harmful insects, which can be easily prevented by taking some effective steps. And in the case of pumpkin cultivation, if you adopt some additional techniques, you can get your desired yield. Below are some strategies for controlling harmful insects and increasing the yield of pumpkin cultivation in tubs or drums.Make arrangements for birds to sit on your roof or laurel platform, it will be a natural way to control the insects.

Fruit fly insects cause wounds on young larvae and the young larvae of young larvae rot very quickly. For this you can sprinkle ash on the gourd tree or apply diazinon.

If ants do not do much damage to the gourd tree, they can attack and damage the flower. You can give ash or sevin to protect the gourd tree from ants.

Sex pheromone traps are a very effective strategy to control insects. It attracts male insects, destroys them easily and is also very easy to create.

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Insects can also be controlled by using poison traps. To make poison bait, mix 100 g of crushed pumpkin with 0.25 g of Dipterex powder and 100 ml of water. Now pour the mixture in a clay pot and keep it near the tub or drum. Generally, changing the bistop every three to four days gives good performance.

In the dry season, irrigate the gourd tree every 4/5 days and after each irrigation, the soil at the base of the tree becomes lumpy and break it gently so that the roots spread well in the soil and get enough oxygen.

The drying branches or small stalks at the beginning of the gourd tree should be cut and removed. These interfere with the physical growth of the gourd and absorb nutrients and sap which leads to reduced yields.

If the natural pollination is not right in the flower of the laurel, the yield decreases. In that case it is possible to increase the yield up to 30-35 percent by artificial pollination by hand. For artificial pollination, the male flower has to be torn off and the petals have to be removed, leaving the male stem cells and the male stem gently rubbed into the uterus of the female flower. The petals of the male flower do not have a uterus at the base and it blooms at the tip of the stem, while the petals are small and the petals are female flowers.

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