Cosmetics Are The Way To Recognize The Real Fake

Cosmetics Recognize

Cosmetics occupy a huge part in the beauty of women. Often women buy various beauty products such as lipstick, nail polish, kajal, perfume etc. And there are many cases of returning home with fake products to buy. Most of the time we are deceived because we can’t tell the difference between real and fake. There is no point in buying a product that is harmful to the skin at the expense of your own money. But with a little caution you can change this kind of unexpected situation yourself. Here are some tips to help you get rid of clutter you don’t need.

Take A Look At The Packaging

Look at the product packets, the location of the logo, everything. You will find some differences in counterfeit products. Maybe you’re going to buy a Mac brand lipstick. See if the logo is placed in exactly the same place. All the productions of the original company are the same. There is no difference.

Buy Products From Authorized Dealers

The store is big but the product is not unadulterated. Enter the official site of the brand you want to buy and see where in the country they have authorized outlets. Only buy products from these places. You can easily survive from fakes.

Notice The Color Of The Product

Fake eye shadow, blush, lipstick and powder are not the same color as the original product. Identify the colors from the manufacturing company’s site beforehand. Check out all the extra bright colors or pale colors.

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View Barcodes, Serial Numbers And Manufacturing Information

Match the serial number of your packet and the serial number of the product inside. Counterfeit products have a missing serial number. Again, the first 2/3 digits of the barcode may be inconsistent. Packets and products will not match if the product is counterfeit. Note that the original product must have a production date and expiration date.

Check The Brush And Sponge

Even if the packaging and everything else is fine, there is still a chance that your make-up product will be counterfeit. Now check the things that are given with your product, such as make-up brush, sponge. These are very low quality counterfeit products.

Notice The Smell

The brand’s products never use any ingredients that may cause you annoyance. The concentration of the product, the scent is maintaining a standard in everything. So whenever you feel a strong odor or an odor that doesn’t feel good, check first.

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