Ways To Care For The Child In Winter And Protect Health

Child In Winter And Protect Health

As a result of the change of seasons, children rarely get sick in winter. That’s why you have to keep a watchful eye on the care of the baby at all times and the baby needs extra care in winter. The incidence of colds, flu, and other illnesses is usually higher in winter, and some viral illnesses increase the child’s health risk many times over. So to take care of the baby in winter, one has to take special care of his health. A little carelessness can lead to many big problems. Be a little more careful than at any other time in this winter for proper care and well-being of the baby. So read this article carefully and understand the ways to keep the baby healthy in winter and the strategy of caring for the baby in winter.

What To Do To Protect The Child’s Care And Health In Winter

In the winter, let the baby wear suitable comfortable and some extra warm clothes. Arrange for her head, neck, arms and legs to be well covered with a warm cloth. Make sure children have one layer more clothes than normal adults. And of course use a few pairs of winter clothes for children and clean and wash them every two to three days and dry them well in the sun.

The main cause of winter illness is not only the cold that makes a child sick but also the various airborne pathogens that spread easily and especially attack children. In addition, there is a lot of dust that enters the lungs through the nose with breathing, which can cause various problems including inflammation in the throat or nose, cold, cough. Excessively polluted smoke and dust can also cause problems such as pneumonia or bronchitis in children. Many diseases are spread by not washing hands properly. Children in particular need to be trained to wash their hands well. In winter, let the child wash his hands in hot water, because the child is afraid of catching cold, cough and pneumonia if he does not wash his hands properly for fear of catching a cold.

In the dry winter season more water is released than at any other time with breathing. This is a very noticeable thing and for this reason children should always be kept hydrated. Let the children drink more hot drinks during this season as it will fill the water void and the hot water will keep them away from getting cold. In winter, everyone’s skin becomes dry and rough and various skin diseases attack. In winter I want adequate moisturizer for the skin. In the winter your child may be infected with some contagious skin disease through others at school. Take special care to take care of baby’s skin in winter. Apply lotion regularly so that the skin does not become dry.

To protect the child from the cold weather of winter, it is better not to play too much in the open environment, especially during the cold season. Too cold weather can do a lot of damage to children and give them a chance to get serious illnesses. Also make sure that the child does not walk barefoot on the floor. You can buy suitable shoes for the baby at home as well as spread mats or thick cloths on the floor of the house. Then even if you sit on the floor and play, it will not feel cold.

You need to take extra care of your newborn baby (1 to 28 days old) in winter. Read about newborn care in winter – Newborn care – to do and care.

Make sure your child has increased immunity by eating more fruits, vegetables and a balanced diet in the winter, which will reduce your child’s risk of not only colds but all other diseases as well. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are fed to the little ones to stay away from various diseases and pests during this season. The key is to replenish baby vitamins naturally. In addition, feeding one teaspoon of honey daily will increase immunity and reduce the problem of cold, cough or cold.

Especially in the case of children, even in winter, when they drink cold water from the fridge, eat ice cream or leave the fan on at night, they get tonsillitis or sore throat. So they have to refrain from such activities.

Bathe the baby regularly without neglecting cleanliness as it is cold. However, finish the bath before 12 noon. After bathing, wipe the baby’s head and body well and then put on clothes. To keep the skin looking good, you must use baby lotion or olive oil, otherwise the harsh winter air will damage the skin.

To keep it clean, wash the baby’s body with lukewarm water, but use normal temperature water when washing the head. Baby-shampoo should be used two to one days a week. However, if the child has dandruff in his hair, he should refrain from applying oil on his hair until it gets better. The baby’s head should be gently massaged while shampooing. Massage vigorously can damage the baby’s follicles.

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