Broccoli On The Porch Or In The Rooftop Tub – Update (2020)

Broccoli Cultivation

Broccoli is a nutritious vegetable that looks like cauliflower but is green in color. Although broccoli is not yet widely known commercially in our country, some amateurs have started cultivating it on a small scale. Broccoli is rich in protein, vitamin C, carotene and calcium. We need to start cultivating this vegetable as it has a lot of nutritional value for health. Broccoli is easily spoiled after picking from the field, so if you can grow broccoli in tubs, it can be easily collected for eating in small quantities. If you want, you can grow broccoli in the yard, on the veranda or in a small space on the roof. Below is a description of the production techniques and necessary ingredients for broccoli in the tub.

Varieties: Selecting good varieties is very important to get a good crop. Notable varieties of broccoli are Topper-43, Dundee, Spreading Texas 108, Green Duke, Crusader, Waltham 29, Green Mountain, Italian Green, Green Bud, etc. Especially useful. Various seed companies are marketing common and hybrid seeds of broccoli. You can collect from them.

Timing: September to December is the best time to cultivate broccoli, so the land has to be prepared immediately after the monsoon in August and then the broccoli seeds have to be sown in the seedbed.

Fertilizer and soil: The soil should be soft and crumbly. Fertilizer and soil should be well mixed with quantity of dung, TSP and khail. Or you can make broccoli seedbed by mixing 1 part of leaf rot or dung manure, 1 part of sand and 2 parts of soil. Remember that if the soil is always soft and loose, all types of vegetables give good yields and grow quickly. And of course, choose a place that gets sun all day for broccoli cultivation.

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Preparation and planting of seedlings: In order to get good yield, seedlings should be prepared in the seedbed and then planted in the main tub. It takes 3/4 days for the seedlings to germinate after sowing the seeds. At the age of 8/9 days the seedlings are suitable for planting in the main tub. However, 3/4 week old healthy seedlings are better to take a tub full of fertilizer and soil. The things to keep in mind to identify suitable seedlings for planting in tubs are 8-10 cm height of seedlings, 5-6 strong leaves and dark green color. When choosing a tub, make sure that it is not too small as it grows fast and is medium in size, so put it in a 5 liter pot.

Next care: Water the seedlings at intervals of one day for the first 4-5 days after planting. Irrigation should be done at intervals of 7-10 days or as required. Keep the tub weed free at all times and loosen the soil. And use organic fertilizer like quantity and don’t forget to give water after applying fertilizer. Usually the bed bugs and jab bugs damage broccoli. Riden, Marshall or Nitro can be sprayed if there are more insects and bed bugs, but it is better to do it according to the advice of an agricultural worker.

Harvest: Broccoli grows much faster. The vegetables are usually ready to eat within 3 to 3 and a half months of planting. When collecting it, first cut off the upper part of the flower carefully, then the flower will come out again from the base of the leaf which you can collect later.

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