Top 10 Best Newspapers In The World In 2020 (Updated)

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Newspapers is the most popular way to publish any kinds of news and it’s a common way to learning national and international updates. Today in this post I will share with all of you the best newspapers in the world. After reading this post you will understand which newspaper took top 10 place in the world.

Top 10 Newspapers In The World

1. The Guardian (United Kingdom)

The guardian is the daily and most popular newspaper in the world. This newspapers is a daily printed newspaper from United Kingdom (UK). Also it online version is the same popular to all over the world. The online journal award it as a first and number one newspaper in the worlds.

2. The Wall Street Journal (United State)

The wall street journal is the second newspaper in the world. This newspaper well known and it publish from United State (US). A news agency founded in 1882 by Charles Henry Dow.The company start the wall street journal first time. It is the media of USA and financial institute in New York.

3. The New York Times (USA)

New York Times founded in 1851 with motto printed. It is the another popular newspaper in the world and it publish news from united state of America. It provide international and commercial news with real information. 

4. The Washington Post (USA)

It is the oldest newspaper in USA from Washington. It founded 1877 for the first time. In 1995 it start their new journey with new information. Now the amazon company is the main owner of this newspaper.  

5. China Daily (China)

China Daily is a famous newspaper in the world but press from China. It first established on 1981. This is a English language base newspaper in china. It called the windows of china!

6. The Times of India (India)

It is the daily and highest circulated english newspaper in india. It publish with english language. This newspapers started their journey from 1838. The times of india started their journey with the name of Bombay Times and Journal Of Commerce first time.

7. The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

It founded in 1831 with the name of Sydney Herald. This newspapers founded by Stephens. After a long time later it launched the web edition. It is also based on English language. It’s an Australian newspaper.

8. The Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

It is the oldest newspaper in Japan. The asahi Shimbun is the daily newsapper in Japan. First founded in 1879 as a small print. It print the hard copy and also have online portal is avilable in online.

9. Dawn (Pakistan)

Dawn is a english language newspapers from pakistan. It is a international language newspaper with daily basis. It was founded by Mohammad Ali Jinnah in elhi. It first printed news at latifi press on 12 octorber 1942.

10. Zaman (Turkey)

Zaman newspaper founded in 1986 and it is the first turkey daily newspaper. It’s well known newspaper in turkey and all over the world. This newspapers has three kinds of versionl like hard copy, Online version, and ePaper.

These are the best and top 10 newspapers in the world. You can read all of them via online. All of the newspapers well know to all and printed with English language. 

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