What To Do To Take Care Of Baby’s Teeth And Gums

Babys Teeth And Gums

Neglect of dental and gum care in children can lead to many problems. Your little one needs care and attention before and after teething. Children in our country often suffer from dental and gum problems but child dental care is one of the daily care which needs to be taught to children from a very young age. Babies need to take care of their teeth from the beginning because the baby’s teeth start to erupt in the womb and usually appear at the age of six months. The role of parents is first and foremost in teaching tender-hearted children to take care of their teeth, which they need to be taught at an early age along with all other education.

Things To Do At The Beginning Of Teething

After feeding the baby, clean the milk cover from the gums with a thin cotton cloth or cotton and make sure it is clean and germ-free. If the child wants to bite whatever he gets in front of him before the teeth erupt, then he should be given a baby tether which will strengthen the structure of his teeth. Keep toxic, sharp, dirty things or medicines away from the baby’s hands at this time and do not give anything that can get stuck in his throat if swallowed.

What To Do After Teething

When teeth erupt, the child should be taught to brush his teeth at the beginning. When a child’s parents brush their teeth in front of them to develop the habit of brushing their teeth from infancy, their interest increases a lot and they learn very quickly as imitation is a favorite. So at the beginning of teething, put a lotus and soft brush in your child’s hand. Be sure to use baby gel or paste for her because swallowing it is not a problem and teach her to brush properly as she grows up.

Baby Milk Dental Care

You need to pay more attention to the baby’s baby teeth because the baby teeth usually fall out slowly and regenerate permanently between the ages of seven and eleven. It is very important to take care of the baby’s teeth so that the baby does not have any problems with the next permanent teeth. If the inflammation in the roots of the milk teeth lasts for a long time due to carelessness and negligence, permanent tooth loss occurs. There are many reasons why permanent teeth grow crookedly or unevenly. This requires special care of the baby’s teeth during decay and permanent teeth.

Some Tips On Baby Dental Care

Clean the baby’s face well after eating sweets. The newborn’s mouth and gums should be kept clean before teething.

After breastfeeding, wipe the milk coating from the top of the teeth with a thin flannel cloth or cotton.
Not feeding the feeder as much as possible for the development of healthy teeth in the baby, this also increases the risk of caries or decay in new baby teeth.

It is a rule for the child to brush his teeth every morning after waking up and before going to bed at night and after taking food.
Regular monitoring should be done to see if the child is brushing his teeth properly.
Buy the child a nice and attractive brush to increase his interest in brushing his teeth.

Of course, do not use one brush for more than two or three months.
Teach mouthwash and flushing every day from an early age.
Consult a doctor immediately if the child has bad breath or black spots on the teeth.

There is a saying that having teeth does not have the dignity of teeth. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to your baby so take care of his teeth from the very beginning. And go to your dentist at least twice a year for the full development of your baby’s teeth.

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